My reading of About a boy

ThemeBilderesultat for about a boy book

The theme is growing up and the strongness it takes. It`s though, physically and mentally.
Therefore does the friendship takes a huge part of the book, because a friend is what you need when you are having a tough period. Another part that can relate to the theme is growing up with just one parent and the support you need from the one.



The book takes place in London, England in the early ’90s. Based on the start of new technology and clothing.

More accurate in the world is in the townhouse to Marcus and in Will`s place. After school, Marcus went home, and later in the book, he visits Will almost every day, because Will is his only friend.

Including to that, Marcus also listens to Snoop  Dogg that had a breakthrough, in the ’90s.

“Right now he was listening to Nirvana and Snoop Doggy Dogg”



The book starts with that we get to know Marcus as a person, and how is every day is. Will, which we get to know later in the book joined the SPAT- group (Single parents alone together). There he meets a girl named Suzie, who is a friend of Fiona, Marcus mother.

They went on a picnic together, Will likes her, and take Marcus with them because Fiona needs some time for herself to rest. When they get back, she had tried to kill herself. This is the whole relationship between Marcus and Will start.

“Shall I put the film back on?” he asked her. This was like a test. The old mum would know he didn`t mean that. “Do you mind?” she said. “I`d like to see how it turns out.”

Later on, the friendship had got a bit closer between Marcus his only friend Will. He gets to his apartment every day after school, but when Fiona, finds out she gets mad and confronts Will. She doesn`t want Will to be a part of Marcus life anymore. Marcus is very upset, he knows that will is his only friend and he invites him to Christmas party.

Marcus has a song stuck in his head, and he sings it out loud. When he says something stupid out loud a 3 year older student turns around, her name is Ellie. In the beginning, Ellie just made a bit fun at Marcus, but later on, they create a good friendship. She really helps Marcus with the bullies at school and makes Marcus feel better.


Character development:

Marcus changes a lot in the book. He grows up. Will helps him, but they also help each other. Both of them is kind of in the same situation. Will do not have many friends and he understands the case, Marcus is in. Therefore they gained a tight “brother” relationship together. Including to this, they both get a girl they are interested in, and that is why the book ended so well too.

Therefore they both changes together. Marcus did love to sing, even in the school lessons, but the others consider it as weird and stupid. He didn`t stop because his mom supported him, but Will got this to change.

“Don’t be silly. You love to singing. You love Joni Mitchell.”I don`t. Not
anymore. I bloody hate Joni Mitchell.” Will new then, beyond any shadow of a doubt, the Marcus would be OK.





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