CHAPTER 3: high school

  • School

Approximately one and a half a week ago, I started a new chapter of my life – High-school. The school is named Sandvika, and have chosen to be here for the next three years of my school life. The school is the biggest in Asker and Bærum, which is two famous communities in Akershus county.


The first week was a new experience compared to middle school. Many people I have never seen before, which is such excitement because you get new relations. To get that is important and it influences your everyday. Not Just new friends and relationships, but new teachers well. So far, I am happy with the social part.



From 18-19th September, my class is going on a class trip to Nordmarka which is located in a forest, in Oslo. The goal of this trip is to get to know each other better, and not just school related. The Nordmarka trip is with the parallel class too, which is even better because you get to know more people. I am very excited about the tour, and I can’t wait until September ’18th.


  • Sparetime

Well now as I have started a new chapter at school. It will affect spare time too. There is a lot of important tests, and presentations at school, so planning is the key. What I have noticed already, is that school is gonna take a lot of spare-time and that is less time to do other things as well. I play football, and therefore I have 4 practices a week +. In addition to school and football, I have to include friends and social life, so it`s gonna be three hectic and exciting years. Follow me through my journey!!

Bilderesultat for football



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